About the Book

Wild pronounsReaders of this illustrated, comprehensive, reference book will capture many wild pronouns, and never start a sentence with me again. All weapons are used to tame our beastly pronouns, to sort out the differences betweenme and I, and to help everyone to use pronouns correctly.

Throughout the book, serious explanations about the pronouns are mixed with amusing discussions and arguments among the pronouns themselves, as they debate their various roles. All about me, or is it I? will help anyone (aged 13 and above) who wants to speak or write good English, and who finds pronouns confusing.

Students learn about subjective, objective, and possessive cases, gerunds, linking verbs, and all types of pronouns including predicate pronouns. Numerous examples provide both correct and incorrect pronoun placement, while exercises (with answers in the back) help readers to put pronouns into their writing. Writing exercises require students to use the pronouns in short compositions. The in-depth index helps readers to use the book as a comprehensive reference tool.

Distributors include: Coutts Information Services, Baker & Taylor, Ingram Books, Barnes & Noble, S & B Books, Amazon.com and .ca. Bookstores include: Chapters/Indigo, World’s Biggest Bookstore, Book City.

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